The element
is a Brazilian ready-to-drink cocktails brand inspired by minimal design. Very well-known for using top-quality ingredients in its cocktails. The lineup of signature cocktails is defined and named based on colors.
Some classic cocktails are also part of the brand's portfolio, such as Negroni, Old Fashioned, Boulevardier, among others.

Website and labels were designed to be as simple as possible, leaving all the emphasis on the drink itself.
Box design
The boxes were also designed in an extremely simple way. For classic cocktails, the referring name is only written on the seal. For signature cocktails, there is a control label with the color corresponding to the drink's name.
Labels can also be customized during the purchase with up to 180 characters.
Each cocktail comes with a pair of glass coaster and a card with technical information, ingredients and interesting facts about the drink.

Photo mood
For photography simplicity is also the key. Simple and elegant glasses, simple environments and simple garnishes.

Design, photography, 3D, animation: Byron Segundo

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